Providing real-time visibility of worker fatigue risk

Changing the way we think about worker safety


Fatigue results in countless workplace accidents, but managers can't tell whether their workers are dangerously tired until it is too late

GlobalWhere provides visibility of worker alertness up to 18 hours ahead


Keep your workers safe

Know when workers are too tired for risky jobs, make sure rest breaks are taken at the best times


Pick your sharpest tool

If you have to select a person or team for an additional job, make sure you're picking from those who are best able to see it through without putting themselves or others at risk


Healthier and more productive workforce

Armed with sleep metrics and tips to improve their sleep, your workers will be given the keys to a longer and healthier life, and they'll be more productive at work too!


Risk dashboards

The GlobalWhere dashboards are purpose-built for monitoring real-time safety risks and measuring performance improvement over time. 


Safety alerts

You can set risk thresholds that trigger alerts, so you don't have to actively monitor dashboards.


Secure by design

The GlobalWhere platform keeps personal information private, and enables anonymous or semi-anonymous sharing of compliance data up the supply chain to satisfy chain of responsibility (CoR) "need to know".


If you're losing sleep over fatigue in your workforce or your supply chain, get in touch and we'll show you how you can rest easy at night!